SAP integration just a container away!

no coding required

API access to SAP

container based

Pay Per Use

No upfront cost for software or hardware. You only pay for what you use.

Configuration Only

Expose API endpoints for IDocs and RFCs. No coding required to implement SAP generated types and functions.

Hybrid Deployment

On-premises as well as all major cloud provider are supported as deployment target.

want more?

  • Publish any remote enabled function (RFC), BAPI, or IDoc as RESTful endpoint
  • Generate OpenAPI 3.0 definitions with detailed object definitions including field level documentation
  • Extract IDoc structures into JSON schema definitions
  • Use SAP standard features like BAPI commit/rollback in OpenAPI calls
  • Container based deployment, so on-premises and cloud can easily be adopted
  • Support for container orchestration (Kubernetes, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud)

SAP integration just a container away!

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