architecture overview

Callable is developed a single docker container, so it can be deployed into various environments.

Our test suite covers deployments into the following environments:

  • On-premises
    • docker local
    • minikube
  • Cloud
    • AWS ECS, AWS EKS, AWS Fargate
    • Google GKE, Google Cloud Run
    • Azure ACI, Azure AKS

Calllable contains the following components.

  • Resource Index
    • lists all available RFCs and iDOC available through JCO connection
  • Swagger UI
    • minimal web UI to test the generated API definitions
  • API Backend
    • translation layer to transform the incoming JSON payload into an RFC/IDOC call

All interactions with Callable will happen through the container level.

  • Configuration must be set through environment variables
  • Access logs can be retrieves through file-access/side car container.