Are IDocs supported?

Yes, IDoc support is part of the Callable product.

What RFC types are supported?

We support the following types of RFCs:

  • sRFC
  • tRFC

Do you support BAPIs that use commit/rollback logic for creating/updating records?

Callable supports BAPI commit for BAPIs that write state to the SAP system. We bookmarked the most wellknown BAPIs that need a commit/rollback handling in a configuration list. If you want to add further BAPIs or RFCs that need a commit call after sucessfull execution, you can extend the list

Why is the SAP JCO not part of the product?

Unfortunately the license model of SAP’s JCo driver doesn’t allow us to directly include it into our product. As a licensed SAP customer you are responsible to download the drivers and provide it to third party solutions.

Can Callable be incorporated into an existing API Gateway solution?

Yes, Callable exposes secured, publicly available endpoints. You can further wrap those endpoints by you own API Gateway solution to provide further functionality like content validation rules, Oauth etc.

SAP also offers API solutions like an API Gateway and SAP Netweaver Gateway for Odata, why should i use another approach like yours?

We worked with many of SAP integration products and partner prodcuts throughout the last decade (Business Connector, XI/PI/PO, HCI/CPI, NetWeaver Gateway, 3rd party SAP integration tooling etc) and are well familiar with their pro’s / con’s. While SAP’s focus at the moment is very strong on Odata (which was initially a split of from Microsoft/SAP’s duet offer), in our opinion it is mostly suitable for SAP’s UI offers and doesn’t really fit most typical API use cases. The world is consolidating on the Open API standard and our solution supports it in a very simple straightforward manner that no SAP partner or SAP itself provides at the moment.

What SAP system versions are supported?

We support all SAP systems starting with Basis level 4.6 C upwords up to S4/Hana.

What Container Runtimes are supported?

Our test suite covers local as well as cloud provider deployments.

  • On-premises
    • docker local
    • minikube
  • Cloud
    • Google Cloud Run
    • Azure AKS

What Payment methods are supported?

We support all major credit cards for international customers. For european customers there is also the option to open a business purchase line (buy now and pay later - and receive detailed metering for usage).