Getting started with GCP Cloud Run

There is a public container image available to quickly get started. The only requirement here is a valid license.

A trial license can be obtained by registering over here.


Run the docker container image with the following command:

  gcloud run deploy --image --platform managed \
    --region us-east1 \
    --update-env-vars license=xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx,\,\

Gcloud needs some additional parameters like the service name and whether the endpoint will be publicly available.

Service name (callable):  
Allow unauthenticated invocations to [callable] (y/N)?  y

Deploying container to Cloud Run service [callable] in project [openapi4sap] region [us-east1]
✓ Deploying new service... Done.                                                                    
  ✓ Creating Revision...                                                                            
  ✓ Routing traffic...                                                                              
  ✓ Setting IAM Policy...                                                                           
Service [callable] revision [callable-00001-teg] has been deployed and is serving 100 percent of traffic at

Afterwards open a browser and go to the presented location.

For more details about the available enironment variables, please check on our Configuration page