Callable requires a multi-step installation procedure to get the solution running.

  1. Obtain a license
  2. Obtain SAP JCO
  3. Prepare JCO in local directory
  4. Start the Container

Obtain a license

At first you need to register on this site to obtain a license.

The sign up process is completed by an welcome email which will contain your license key and various links on how to get started.

Obtain SAP JCO

The SAP JCO can be downloaded from

For Callable you need to download the “Linux (for Intel compatible processors)” version in 64-bit x86 of the JCO.

The downloaded zip file is then needed for the creation of the external volume for the docker container.

Prepare JCO in local directory

Extract the downloaded JCO into a local directory.

Start the Container

run the following command:

  docker run \
  -p 8080:8080 \
  -e license=xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx \
  -v "$(pwd)"/sapjco3-linuxx86_64-3.0.18:/opt/callable/lib \
  -e \
  -e jco__client__client=000 \
  -e jco__client__passwd=secret1 \
  -e jco__client__sysnr=00 \
  -e jco__client__user=user1 \
  -e jco__destination__pool_capacity=10 \
  -e jco__client__lang=en \


  • -p 8080:8080
    • expose Callable through port 8080, the port can also be adjusted by the $PORT variable
  • -e license=xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
    • sets the license key for Callable
  • -v "$(pwd)"/sapjco3-linuxx86_64-3.0.18:/opt/callable/lib
    • bind the volume with the SAP JCo to the container instance
  • -e
    • SAP host name
  • -e jco__client__client=000
    • SAP client id
  • -e jco__client__passwd=secret1
    • SAP passowrd
  • -e jco__client__sysnr=00
    • SAP system number
  • -e jco__client__user=user1
    • SAP user
  • -e jco__destination__pool_capacity=10
    • connection pool size
  • -e jco__client__lang=en
    • default language code
    • container image name exposed through GCR

For a full configuration overview, please check the Configuration page.